Crop Factor

I currently offer 2 print sizes available to buy. 

These are A4 and A3 

A4 = 210x297mm

A3 = 297x420mm

Crop factor

Please note that a full frame digital camera produces images at a ratio of 2x3 (4x6).

For this reason I print at A4 and A3 as these sizes need the least amount of cropping and are the closest to the original ratio. Even on these sizes a slight crop to the sides of the original photo is needed. See example below.

I have noticed that A4 frames and mounts are easily available from most shops.

True A3 frames and mounts are a little harder to find but I found a good selection online.

In most cases an A3 print will fit in a standard 300x400 mount, however it does crop the sides a little more than a true A3 mount.

Below are examples of how the the crop factor changes the image size.

Original Full Frame image

A4 and A3 Crops

300 x 400 mm crop   (12 x 16 mount)

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