A little about me...

I was introduced to photography many years ago as a teenager by my best friend. Back then it was a manual SLR, all film and very little auto help. It was this introduction that taught me the basics of how a camera worked, how aperture and shutter speeds combined to give depth of field and movement within a shot. Whilst I enjoyed this new hobby, I never really took it seriously until more recently. 

After buying  a succession of compact digital cameras and being slightly underwhelmed i decided to invest in a better camera. So In 2010 I bought my first really nice digital camera. It was a Micro 4/3rds Panasonic GF2 and from there my photography passion started to grow. I went through 5 different models of Micro 4/3rds cameras before eventually moving to a full frame Sony A7II in 2017.

I love all aspects of photography, I have shot street, macro and even weddings, but my main passion these days is for landscape work. 

So why Landscape?

Landscape photography is not all about warm sunsets and fluffy clouds. I actually believe its one of the hardest forms of photography and I'm not just talking about the technical side either.

I am often up at ridiculous times, sometimes so early I don't even bother to go to bed...

I may have to walk for miles in freezing temperatures,  in wind, sun and the rain...

I've been bitten my midges, burnt by the sun, fallen in mud and got soaked to the skin...

and after all this I still might not come away with a shot.

It happens more times than you might think!

So why do I do it?

Well there really is nothing that can compare to the feeling of being up at first light and watching the sunrise over the horizon. It is literally breathtaking to see the landscape unfold before you and for me it is the pure enjoyment of being able to capture this moment on camera. Sunset is another magical time, when the shadows are long and the golden glow brings out the warm tones. Even by day you can have some fantastic opportunities to capture incredible landscape shots, always on the lookout for stormy skies and amazing light.

 I really hope you enjoy my photography work as much as I enjoy taking the shots. If you wish to buy any of my work there are prints available on my shop page, along with a calendar which I produce annually in late summer.

Many thanks for stopping by ...


Moors Valley Country Park

Dorset & Beyond

In Cafe and shop

March 9th - April 25th 2019

Upton House

The Gallery upstairs

Upton Country Park

June 26th - July 9th 2019


Winner of the BMI Echo Landscape Photography Competition 2016

Harbour Cancer Centre2.jpg

Daily Echo editor Andy Martin, winner Brian Terrey, hospital manager Dan Stonell and Olympian Liz Yelling

'The Awakening'

National Trust card winning shot

Winner of the 2019 National Trust Landscape photography competition for the membership cards. This shot will be printed on over 5 million NT membership cards during 2019

The Awakening.jpg

In May 2019, I joined the Guild of Photographers . On my very first competition I was awarded a Silver Bar for one of my images. It is an award that is regarded as very difficult to achieve.


2021 Guilds awards night and was awarded my 'Photographer's Bar'

A member of the 'Bar' is a unique distinction awarded to those photographers who have successfully had images assessed by the guild over the course of a year, and attained a score evidencing an exceptional level of professional skill and consistency

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